River Queens:

Across the Heartland in a boat—two men and a spotted dog.

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Alexander Watson

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Alexander’s grandparents are responsible for his writing ability. His grandfather was a pioneering air-conditioning engineer, tam- ing the summer heat from the Sonora, across the Caribbean, to the Negev Desert and beyond. His Pap journaled obsessively. His Nan sent postcards and letters. But to get, he had to give. Alexander learned to write. Alexander still sends postcards, letters, and emails to friends whenever away from home.

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For Immediate Release:

“A heartwarming look at the heart of America.”—Publishers Weekly.

“The well-trod river epic on its ear.”—Bryan Mealer, author of NYT Bestseller, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.

“I love it. I can’t put it down.”—Melissa Fay Greene, two-time National Book Award Finalist.

River Queens is a coming of age story, albeit middle-age, about two men who have the opportunity to chuck it all and sail away—an attractive proposition made more so because their vessel, a vintage 1955 Chris-Craft motor yacht. Their route is across the Heartland on America’s great rivers. Their destination is Cincinnati, Ohio, the Queen City.

Compelling are the people they meet along the way whose mannerisms and idiosyncracies Mr. Watson captures with respect and admiration—people whose aid the two must solicit to continue on their way; people have never really encountered homosexuality before, at least not in their own backyard. Gay is a city thing and, if need be, referred to as “peculiar”. Nevertheless, the sailor’s code of “Always render aid” prevails on the water and sends our intrepid sailors on their way.

River Queens is a modern day Huck Finn, every bit as humorous and candid as the Mark Twain classic, reminding us that pursuit of happiness is still integral to the our social fabric and the uniquely American “pursuit of happiness.”

River Queens: Saucy boat, stout mates, spotted dog, America by Alexander Watson. Orange Frazer Press: Wilmington, Ohio. October 1, 2018 release. 322 pages, hard cover, $27.95.

ISBN: 978-1939710-857

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East Walnut Hills residents, Dale Harris & Alexander Watson, are awarded official sponsorship of The Antique & Classic Boat Society's 2019 International Show for their book, River Queens.

The annual event--held  in Alexandria Bay, New York; September 16-22, 2019--celebrates the preservation of pedigreed vessels for their significance to our nation's maritime history and boat building tradition. 

Award of sponsorship to a book is unusual, but River Queens follows Harris & Watson on their epic journey across the heartland. Their vessel is a vintage 1955 Chris Craft motor yacht, forty-five feet long, named Betty Jane, currently at Washington Marine, Kellogg Avenue.

Inclusion by The Antique & Classic Boat Society identifies Cincinnati as the Ohio River's premier homeport, recognizing the Tri-State's unique ability to provide precise mastery in time-honored trades. 

River Queens: Saucy boat, stout mates, spotted dog, America by Alexander Watson (Orange Frazer Press: Wilmington, Ohio. October 2018). Hard cover. 320 pages. $27.95 available at Joseph-Beth/Rookwood, Café DeSales/EWH, and Amazon.com.
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