At first, River Queens, purchased by my wife for me, took me aback, but after dutifully reading the back cover, the flaps, and the prologue, I got into the first chapter only to discover that it is a remarkable and unique book with setting and characters blending together to bring back memories of my father and his older brother as teenagers on the upper Mississippi during the 1920s, scavenging abandoned and wrecked boats to make them river-worthy, sewing new sails so they could sail that part of the river near Little Falls, Minnesota, where Charles Lindbergh had grown up to fly alone across the Atlantic.

River Queens introduced me to a world which included a variety of people and places that I would never have encountered otherwise. It was a wonderful journey on various rivers, along with unexpected difficulties and pleasant surprises. Alexander’s description of the openness and curiosity of the people along the river was both refreshing and reassuring. The complexities of his relationship to his partner included the variety of complexities in any relationship and one hoped the two of them would remain together forever.

Please convey my sincere thanks to Mary Ann Sanders for encouraging you to write this.