Leo Bradley

December 27, 2018

Have you ever thought about what a boat trip down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers into the heartland of America would be like in the 21st Century? I had never given it one thought. My idea of being on a river boat is having a captain and first mate on board to launch, drive, and dock the boat while I sip my whiskey sour, take in the scenery, and day dream my troubles away.

Then I came upon a book called River Queens, in which Alexander Watson took me on a journey through the heartland of America as two gay river men  meet and conquer both the river and the interesting people they encounter along the way. The dialogue is quick, sometimes funny, sometimes reflective, sometimes frivolous, but always moves the story. The settings make me feel, even though I am a neophyte, that I know what they are experiencing. Said another way, it is a page turner. 

We live in a divided country culturally and politically, but River Queens gives hope that understanding and even acceptance is still within the American grasp.

Leo H. Bradley, Ed D, Professor Emeritus, Educational Administration Program, College of Professional Sciences, Xavier University