Front Cover. Click for full dust jacket.

Front Cover. Click for full dust jacket.


Two men who have absolutely no business buying a boat, do; have the forty-five foot cruiser hauled to the Arkansas River; and plan to cruise down the Arkansas, up the Mississippi, and up to Ohio to re-settle in Cincinnati. But re-rigging the boat in the remotest part of eastern Oklahoma takes more time than they thought; the Mississippi isn't necessarily a river savvy boaters push up; and well, life, with its responsibilities and obligations, keeps poking its nose in.

The summer vacation jaunt becomes an odyssey of epic proportions.

Doris Faye

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Chapter One: Upon a Winter’s Night

Dale and I must choose. Foul weather moving across the Texas plain between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls, faster, more severe than predicted, blows away a warm, sunny morning. Temperatures plummet, the sky darkens, and rain begins to freeze. One hundred miles south are the safety and warmth of our Dallas apartment. Equidistant to the north are the brunt of the storm, Lake Texoma, and a boat.



Melissa Fay Greene—Author and Two-time National Book Award Finalist.I cannot figure out why a book about two middle-aged white guys in the antique-and-renovations business in Dallas, who find a decrepit sixty-year-old wooden yacht on the verge of sinking to the bottom of a Texas lake, pay good money for her, name her betty Jane, restore her, move aboard with their rescue Dalmatian, and then putter off across the middle of the United States from Oklahoma to Ohio without really knowing what they are doing is keeping me up nights.”