Cap'n's gotta learn.

Starboard bow rail missing.

Cap’n knewed his tack was wrong;

He’d been out on the lake a little too long;

The whiskey on his breath ‘twas a bit too strong.

He kep’ on, anyway.


He come in fast; he come in hard,

Shattered the rail and splintered the b’ard.

The noise it made was awful lard.

He kep' on, anyway.


The wreck came to rest where it was.

Cap’n passed out. 'Twas more than a buzz.

He didn’t care and I know because 

He snored on, anyway.


Starboard bow rail repaired.

I oiled my blade and swung my maul.

The words I said I can’t tell y’all

'Cause the order seemed just a wee too tall.

But I kep' on, anyway.


The new piece fit all nice and neat.

It curved so fine and sat so sweet.

'Twas no gap there I dare repeat

'Cause I kep’ on, anyway.


Alls I lack is to varnish and sand

A finish real bright on a boat real grand,

But someone’s gotta teach Cap’n to land.

Or this thing’s gonna get outta hand

iff'n he keeps on.